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>> The History of Tattooing - Where did tattoo’s come from?

>> My Very First Tattoo - Getting a tattoo for the first time.

>> Tattoo Aftercare - Looking after your healing tattoo.

>> Tattoo Related Health Risks - The risks of getting a tattoo.

>> Identifying a Safe Tattoo Parlour - Things you should look out for.

>> Tattoo Removal - Methods of removing a tattoo from the body.

>> Criminal Tattoos - Various types of criminal and gang related tattoo symbols.

>> Ultraviolet Tattoos - Using UV ink so tattoos glow under a blacklight.

>> Tattooing as a Culture - Has it really been accepted?

>> Lip Tattoos - Another craze?

>> Becoming a tattoo artist - Become an ink master!

>> Tattooing - An Art or Advertising? - Tattoos becoming just another advert.

>> Braille Tattoos - Bodyart for the blind.

>> Tattoos and the Law! - Know where you stand.

>> Tongue Tattoos - Speechless bodyart.

>> To Ink or Not to Ink? - Tattoos and Careers.

>> Nail Tattoos - Make a temporary fashion statement with a nail tattoo.

>> Tattooing Animals - Clever or Crazy?

>> Extreme DIY Tattoo Removal - A mains powered Sander used to remove a tattoo!

>> Five Pain Places To Get A Tattoo - Including the eye and mons pubis!

>> Body Piercing No Longer A Taboo? - Society’s view on the popular trend.