Treat your tattoo like a wound, you must take care of it! It is important you spend time daily ensuring it is healing correctly or you could damage it permanently. The following are instructions given to me when I went for my very first tattoo.

1. Wash your tattoo 2-4 times per day in warm water. Use a little soap if you wish.

2. Pat dry and wait approximately 10 minutes.

3. Apply a thin layer or Vaseline or Bepanthen to your tattoo, both available from your local chemist/drugs store.

Repeat steps 1-3 for the first 4-6 days only.

If scabs appear on your tattoo, allow to dry for a week and only then re-apply a little Vaseline or Bepanthen to the scab. This will ease its progress and soften the skin. Scabs are usually the result from overdoing step 3 or allowing the skin to dry out too much. Scabs can also form from abrasion or impacts to the healing skin.

Minimise contact with the healing tattoo as much as possible - this is key!

Important things to remember…

DO NOT scratch, pick or rub the healing tattoo. To relieve itchy sensations, slap sharply. Scratching or picking a healing tattoo may damage it permanently.

DO NOT soak for long durations in water. Avoid all sking & hair products in the area of the healing tattoo.

DO NOT expose to direct sunlight for the 2 months. If you can’t avoid this, use a totaly SPF (Total Block) or cover the healing tattoo.

DO NOT swim for at least 2 months. Avoid using a sauna during that period too.

If you have any questions or are concerned about your tattoo’s healing,
contact your tattoo artist immediately.