temporary_tattoo_offbeatinkTemporary tattoos are a touchy subject for many tattoo diehards. They are seen to be a bubble gum cheap and cheating way out for those who don’t have the gumption to commit to a permanent tat. In many ways, this is accurate, however temporary tattoos do have their place in life.

In order for a first timer to be certain they want that design in that colour on that spot, it is often recommended that a temporary work up is placed of the design in different positions or even sizes before the final decision is made. It makes sense that you want to test out a tattoo you’ve designed before you commit to it. It also allows you to understand what it means to wear a tattoo and see how people’s perception of you shifts.
Other reasons people choose temporary tattoos are less ‘honourable’, if you like, and much more trivial or shallow. You may want a design that matches that particular dress or for that one school reunion with your old school bullies, or for your mother in law’s fourth marriage. People decide to have a temporary tattoo for all sorts of reasons and these do not even touch on Indian weddings and henna tattoos yet. For, yes, there are genuine cultural reasons for temporary tattoos as well.

There are many ways to temporarily mark your skin. Special markers have been devised for this purpose alone but there are also airbrush artists who will airbrush a design on for you, skin artists who will paint one on for you, several different types of temporary tattoo papers which you can dampen, peel or otherwise transfer onto your skin. Henna is a special case unto itself. Apart from the dangers inherent in the different dyes used in henna – some are poisonous and can damage your skin irreparably – some people are actually allergic to henna. Henna is a plant and the dye is made from the powdered leaves.

There are internet sites specifically catering for the temporary tattoo seeker. They let you upload your design, and they send you temporary tattoos that you can then practice placing wherever you think you may want the permanent one. You can also try it out in different sizes. Even Microsoft provides a set of instructions on using their programs to create your own temporary tattoos – but remember to buy some temporary tattoo paper first.

If you are not sure if body art is your thing, give temporary tattoos a try.