lip-tattoosSince lip tattoos aren’t in big demand, there aren’t a lot of ideas for them. If a person wants a lip tattoo they will have to do a lot of research for ideas prior to being able to select a lip tattoo design.
The origin of the lips tattoo started with the branding of horses. In addition, they are used by women in order to camouflage problematic areas of their lips. Some women use it to narrow their lips while others us it to thicken their thin lips by using brown or dark red needles and pigments. Most people get a lip tattoo on the inside of their lower lip, however, there are some people who get it done on the inside of their upper lip.

Lip tattoos will usually last for about one to five years, although in some cases they haven’t lasted over a few weeks. Like any other tattoo, lip tattoos do hurt. The amount of pain that is felt varies from one person to another. Because there is a degree of pain that is associated with getting a lip tattoo and since they fade so quickly, you will have to determine if the pain is really worth getting a lip tattoo. You should also read about the care that is required for a lip tattoo.

There are numerous lip tattoo designs. However, you should find the right tattoo artist in order to get the design of your lip tattoo implemented. The inner lip tattoo isn’t visible to the public. The only time people will see it is when you show it to them.

One very popular idea for a lip tattoo is the name of your loved one. The lip area is small and therefore the lip tattoo will have to be small. People frequently either use either small words or small designs or maybe even a small phrase. You should always select a simple design for the lip area. People usually select a black colored tattoo since the tattoo artist won’t have to use a lot of strokes on the tattoo machine. But, this doesn’t mean that a lip tattoo can’t be meaningful or unique.

With the above lip tattoo ideas you should have enough information to get a lip tattoo. However, one word of caution: In case you happen to suffer from a herpes viral infection, it isn’t advisable, that you get a lip tattoo because it can lead to eruption of sores.