feminine_tattooWomen’s tattoos have increased significantly in popularity in the past few years. The feminine, small, and cute tattoos are particularly in fashion. As women’s tattoos have gained in popularity, so too have the design ideas that make the tattoos attractive and sexy. As a result of the fact that females are physically smaller than males, tattoos on females are typically prettier and smaller than the tattoos that males wear. These are some of the design ideas that most women seem to like the most are:

Butterfly Tattoos

The butterfly tattoo is one of the most popular tattoo designs for women. They are elegant and simple. Butterfly tattoos are definitely feminine and visually pleasing. Having a beautifully designed butterfly tattoo on your shoulder or ankle is both pretty and graceful. Butterfly tattoos have special meanings for some people. Depending on the culture, they can mean good luck, freedom, delicate beauty, transformation, or rebirth.

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Many women love tribal tattoos. Tribal tattoos use black ink, which won’t fade as rapidly as other colors. They are usually placed in locations such as the lower and upper back, and upper arm. There are numerous styles to select from or you may design your own.

There is nothing more feminine than a flower tattoo. The large numbers of flower tattoo designs that are available make them an attractive option for women who are getting their first tattoo. Another reason that flower tattoos are so popular is because different flowers have different meanings. Flower tattoos can be combined with other designs, like hummingbirds, ladybugs, and butterflies to make a beautiful overall tattoo. The rose has always been the most popular flower tattoo.

Fairy Tattoos

The legendary and mystical fairy is considered one of the most attractive tattoo designs. Fairy tattoos are feminine by nature. There is some degree of appeal with fairy tattoos. There is a legend that says that the fairy originates from Celtic mythology and it is believed that they are able to conjure up magical powers.

Heart Tattoos

The universal symbol for relationships and love is the heart and the heart tattoo is so popular. Some people get the name of that special someone tattooed across the heart tattoo in order to symbolize their love for one another. No matter what kind of tattoo you are looking for, you are sure to find many heart tattoo designs that are feminine, small, and cute.