rose-tattooThere are literally hundreds of designs of rose tattoos being worn all across the world. Some are of roses that are bleeding drops of blood. Others are designs that have a cross and a rose. Some focus solely on the tattoo of the rose and its beauty while in full bloom. The various designs of rose tattoos all have different meanings.

If you want to make a statement with your rose tattoo you need to make sure you choose the right image. In order to choose the right image, you need to know what the different colors of roses mean. The meaning of your rose tattoo is different based on the color of the rose.  All around the world a bright red rose symbolizes love. Any kind of image of a red rose is sending a message of someone loving someone deeply. A tattoo of a red rose that is deep and rich in color makes them appear as though they are blooming on the skin. The unique feeling of love is expressed in the color red, particularly in a rose.

A bright yellow rose symbolizes true friendship. At one time, a yellow rose symbolized jealousy and deceit. However, today the yellow rose has a much more beautiful meaning. If your tattoo is of a yellow rose, it will convey a meaning of friendship.  A pink rose has female implications and many women have a pink rose tattoo. When the rose is in full bloom, it means that you are outgoing and forthcoming. A pink rose tattoo is a  way of telling the world that you are ready for the world and are in full bloom.
A tattoo of a lilac or a lavender means that the wearer has some special kind of mysticism. A rose tattoo of one of these colors means that you should be approached with caution because you are off limits. The lavender and lilac colored rose has been used in numerous designs of tattoos and often includes other colors of roses as well.

Another thing that has significant meaning is the blooming of a design that a rose tattoo uses will indicate the meaning that you are trying to get across. If a rose is in wide and full bloom, it means that you are thankful and grateful and that you are fully grown into your emotions. A little flowering bud indicates the frivolity of youth and all that goes with it.