Celtic Butterfly TattooGetting a tattoo is all about having your own identity. Some people have particular ideas about how they want their body permanently marked. While there are numerous designs to choose from, tattoo lovers understand that each design has a special meaning. Tattoos of butterflies represent rebirth and transformation. Aside from their symbolism, designs of a butterfly tattoo can be drawn in numerous ways. Celtic butterfly tattoos are extremely beautiful. As a result of their grace, the Celtic butterfly tattoo is very a popular tattoo for girls.
Butterflies are significant in numerous societies. The metamorphous of a caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly absolutely amazed the ancient people. This was especially true of the Celtic people who began to immortalize the butterfly by tattoos.
The reason the Celtics did this was because of their belief system. The Celtics had a string association with nature and a rich culture. They considered a butterfly as a sign of transformation and rebirth. They also believed that a butterfly was the souls of a person and that when eaten by a woman, it would impregnate her.

The design of the butterfly tattoo is one of the most popular tattoos for girl that wants to enhance their beauty. The Celtic knot represents the continuity of life, which is symbolized by the butterfly in the Celtic culture when the butterfly emerges from the cocoon and then transforms into a new life when it is eaten by a woman. In addition to the symbolic relevance, the Celtic knot can easily be used to make the shape of the butterfly. A person can wear the beautiful Celtic butterfly emphasized by the Celtic knot in any number of colors. Also, the Celtic butterfly with its wings wide spread allows the tattoo artist to fill up the space with other Celtic patterns.

In addition to being one of the favorite tattoo designs for women, lower back butterfly tattoos are also very popular. Not only does this tattoo exude femininity, it is also the very versatile tattoo design of the butterfly blends seamlessly with the Celtic artwork, in order to create a horizontally spread butterfly in the lower back that is absolutely stunning.

Therefore, a Celtic butterfly tattoo is now more mesmerizing and meaningful and mesmerizing. However, if you’re afraid of needles but still want to get a tattoo, don’t worry. Now, temporary butterfly tattoos are available through the use of stick on and henna design tattoos. Now, it is possible for you too to wear that beautiful Celtic butterfly tattoo.