dragon-tattooIf you want a Dragon tattoo, then you should know that there are many different types to select from. The two dragons that are the most common are the Asian and the European dragon tattoos. The Asian dragon tattoo originated from the Chinese dragon, while the European dragon tattoo originated from traditional European folk lore. While both tattoos appear similar, there are some differences. The primary difference between the two tattoos is that the Eastern dragon doesn’t have wings while the Western dragon does. In addition, the Eastern dragon doesn’t breathe fire while the Western dragon does.
Practically every society has their own depiction and interpretation of dragon tattoos. In Western society, the dragon represents sin, destruction, and evil. However, in Asia, the dragon represents good fortune, wisdom, and protection. Since the dragon is considered in many cultural religions, it often represents one’s faith.

The dragon is a legendary and mythological creature that has been around for centuries. The Asian dragon tattoo is one of the most popular tattoos since it has various meanings and cultural significance all around the world. For many Americans, a dragon tattoo represents supernatural powers, courage, and a sense of strength, dragon tattoos are usually worn by males more often than females, but dragon tattoos on females is not uncommon.

Two of the most popular type of dragon tattoos is the black dragon and the Chinese dragon tattoos. Other types of dragon tattoos that are somewhat less popular are the Pernese dragon, the Hydra dragon, and the Faerie dragon.

When choosing a dragon tattoo, many people go with the Eastern dragon tattoo because they are the protectors. Dragon tattoos for men represent protection, strength, wisdom, courage, and power. Eastern dragons and men were considered to be the protectors of their loved ones. Dragon tattoos for women represent the beginning of a new life because and women create new lives.

Western dragons were considered the abductors of children and women, destroyers of lives and villages and just evil. Normally, they looked serpent like, had a tail like a rudder, spines running down their backs, horns, elaborate ears, sharp pointed teeth, a head that was shaped like a wedge, four strong legs, powerful muscular bodies, and large wings that helped them to fly.  In the middle ages, brave knights fought the dragons, killed them and took over the protected treasures, and saved the maiden in distress. Usually, the prison tattoo artist is the one who inks the Western dragon tattoos for men. However, the Eastern dragon tattoo is by far the more popular.