dragon-tattooThe dragon tattoo design is a very popular tattoo that has numerous key aspects to it. The image of the dragon has long been considered a sign of importance and strength. The two primary types of dragons are the eastern dragon and the western dragon.

The western dragon tattoo design is the style that most Europeans and Americans are the most familiar with. The western dragon features a sharp, long tail, scales, four legs, wings, sometimes breathes fire, and like a bird it has talons or claws. These dragons are usually posed in a defensive or fighting positions and are tattooed in almost any color. It is suggested that these dragons represent the dark side or evil. When selecting the western dragon tattoo design, be sure the image is one that you are sure you want to portray. You should do this by choosing the correct location on the body, correct size, correct color, and correct pose.
The pose of the dragon in your tattoo says a lot about how you feel. Feelings of humility or anger, shyness or aggressiveness, offensiveness or defensiveness can all be shown based on the pose you choose.  Another important aspect of a dragon tattoo is the selection of color. Greens mean nature, yellow or gold means wealth, blue means peace, and reds and blacks mean anger.

Another great way to display your mood is through the size of your dragon tattoo design. With the sharp claws and long tail it is relatively easy to wrap these parts of the dragon across the back or around an arm. Remember these things when selecting a dragon tattoo design.  Another style of dragon tattoo design is the eastern dragon. The origin of this style comes from Asia or the Orient. Eastern dragon designs are normally very different from the western dragon design. They are more like serpentines that don’t usually have wings, their feet are more like a lion and they have large heads. Also they seldom breathe fire. The eastern dragon’s mood is basically shown as being the exact opposite of that of the western style of dragon. Supposedly, they have good intentions, are smart, light hearted, and kind. When choosing this style of dragon design you should consider number of claws, length, and color.

As with the western dragon, color is very important to the eastern dragon design. Reds and oranges are usually depicted the most often. These colors represent prosperity and royalty. Yellow demonstrates superiority.

The length of an eastern dragon design depicts the importance and strength of the dragon. The length of the dragon lends itself very nicely to legs and arms for look of the serpentine. They can be coiled or wrapped around these parts of the body.

Another feature of the eastern dragon design is the number of claws. In order to show a particular region in Asia you have to understand the importance of the number of toes or claws. Three toes or claws represent Japan. Four toes or claws represent Indonesia or Korea and five toes or claws represent China.