foot-tattoosFoot tattoos are becoming more popular with women these days. The foot is definitely one of the more unique places where you can put a tattoo. However, like any other tattoo, getting a foot tattoo is a major decision. There are a few important points that you should know about foot tattoos.

Foot Tattoo Benefits

There are many different reasons that people get a foot tattoo. You may be unsure about the advisability of getting tattoo on your foot and even wonder why the foot is such a great place for a tattoo. One of the major reasons that the foot is a great place for a tattoo is that they aren’t as common as tattoos on the arms and lower back of women.
A tattoo on the foot is also less obvious than those tattoos that are located in other areas. This may be important to people who have a desire to keep their tattoos discreet. If you have a desire to get a significant tattoo but prefer to keep it to yourself, a tattoo on the foot is perfect. You can have a small tattoo design that you can hide or show as you see fit.

The Disadvantages of Foot Tattoos

There are many tattoo artists who refuse to put a tattoo on a foot. The reason for this is that there can be a couple of problems with a foot tattoo. This is because the ink on tattoos on the foot tends to blur, scatter or spread more rapidly than those on other tattoo locations.

Foot tattoos are also usually more painful than other tattoos. The reason for this is that the foot’s flesh is close to bones and capillaries. Most tattoos are located in areas that have a lot of flesh. Additional flesh minimizes the pain during the tattooing process. Actually, the pain of a foot tattoo can last well beyond the process of tattooing.

You should also consider your activities and recovery after getting a foot tattoo. It can take as long as 2 weeks for a tattoo on the foot to heal. During this time, the tattoo should be kept clean and dry. Also, you should avoid rubbing on your foot tattoo which is obviously difficult to do when wearing shoes.


These are just a few of the unique challenges of getting a foot tattoo. In spite of these challenges, you may still want to get one. Ii is always a good idea to find an experienced tattoo artist. Keep in mind that there are some tattoo artists who will not do foot tattoos. Therefore, you should select an artist who knows how to do it properly and with the least amount of pain. You may also want to settle for a smaller design. A smaller design is perfect for feminine feet. In addition, a smaller design means less burning and pain.

A foot tattoo can be an entirely unique experience for even the most avid tattoo fan. Be sure that you are absolutely ready and willing to deal with the unique concerns of a foot tattoo.