flower-tattooThere is much wider larger acceptance of women who get tattoos these days and with that, flower tattoos have seen a dramatic increase in popularity. The best part about a flower tattoo is there that are so many different colors and types of flowers that all have meanings which are different. Usually, flowers only mean a few different things; however, some specific flowers such as the rose and lotus flowers may mean things which are much more specific.

A flower tattoo usually connects to nature, and usually brings up images of life, including vitality, procreation, and birth. The reason for this is that we see the span of life when we see a flower.  The picture of a tattoo flower reminds us of the entire process of life. In addition, there are different colors of flowers on a tattoo that symbolize different things. A white flower tattoo reminds us of purity, while red on a flower may mean burning passion or the blood of Christ.

When a woman gets a tattoo of a rose it symbolizes love, or pure love. In fact, around the 16th century, a rose was tattooed on people who were condemned to die, so they would be immediately recognized should they escape the gallows. However, these days if you get a rose tattoo then it is considered a symbol of passion and love. There is much about the symbolism of a tattoo of a flower that has to do with the fact that a rose is the usual flower that is given to a woman during romantic occasions. The reason that a rose is frequently tattooed on someone is to show their love for another person. It’s not a coincidence that the rose tattoo is the most popular of all flower tattoos, and men are getting rose tattoos as well.
Rose tattoos symbolize purity and love in the west as well the east. A tattoo of a lotus flower comes with a little more meaning. A tattoo of a lotus flower symbolizes peace, enlightenment, fortune, goodness, and beauty.

A tattoo of an acacia symbolizes friendship and chaste love. Many Irish people get a tattoo of a flower called the Bells of Ireland. The acacia flower normally means good luck, however, the name may also call the bells of freedom to ring upon Ireland.

If you think you are a perfect lover, you may decide to have a tattoo of a tulip tattooed on your arm to symbolize passionate love and fame. But if you are a timid and shy person, a tattoo of a violet is perfect for you.

The Irish stand for virtue, wisdom, and faith. And a magnolia provides a sense of nobility and symbolizes a person’s love for nature.

Getting a tattoo of a flower may have all of these different meanings and also be quite elegant and beautiful. A tattoo of a flower can be dainty and small or bold and large. Whichever tattoo of a flower that you choose, a violet, a lotus, a rose, or any other flower, you can state your message clearly and concisely.