anna-kournikovaTattoos are a highly publicized fashion symbol today. It is not simply a skin or body modification, it has become an art and a way of life for millions of people to express their desires and passion in a very effective nonverbal way.

The absolute best bunch of people to represent races and describe such a powerful and exciting form of fashion, beauty, and style are celebrities. It is interesting to note that a large number of people who find the inspiration of tattooing are the people who watch their favorite stars who have a tattoo. Here are some descriptions of some superstar tattoos:

Anna Kournikova: As a famous female model and tennis star, Anna has a huge star tattoo on the lower part of her back. There are some paparazzi photographs, which have become famous that were taken during the matches in which this tennis superstar actually participated. Her tattoo created a great deal of buzz in the celebrity world. However, Anna seemed to act calm with the new tattoos on her body.

Alyssa Milano: Alyssa is the famous actress of Charmed and she has a unique tattoo that contains contains a sacred heart, fairies, angels, and a cross.

Ben Afflek: Ben is a Hollywood who has a very popular tattoo on his skin. It is nothing more than an armband tattoo of barbed wire.

Robert Deniro: This Hollywood star is one of the most impressive actors of all time who was not spared from the irresistible practice of having a tattoo on his skin. During the movie “Cape Fear” he showed numerous tattoos but he actually has only one tattoo that is original which depicts a Panther.

Nicholas Cage: Nicholas is a very popular superstar who has an outstanding and unique ability of portraying tough characters. He also has a very unique tattoo. The tattoo is located on Cage’s upper back and depicts a lizard wearing a hat. There is no meaning implied and it is simply there to be admired as a distinctive tattoo.

Drew Barrymore: As is depicted in one of her movies, Drew is a big fan of tattoos. She has numerous tattoos including a butterfly, a cross, and an angel.

David Beckham: David is almost as famous for his tats as he is for his superb soccer skills. He has nine great tats and there is a rumor that the tattoos on his body were primarily applied for mythological reasons although no one was ever sure.

One side of being a celebrity, which is unpleasant for some, is having every detail of your life scrutinized by the public. Since the increase in the popularity of tattoos and the lessening of the stigmatic perception of things like piercings and tattoos, those who enjoy celebrity watching now scrutinize each of their favorite celebrities’ tat in great detail and copy each design.