justin-timberlake-tattooJustin Timberlake is another celebrity who is also very familiar with tattoos. He has a total of approximately 6 tattoos on various parts of his body which include an Aquarius tattoo, some Chinese characters, a guardian angel tattoo on his back, and a tattoo of a cross on his left shoulder. Justin Timberlake is another star of boy band fame that has gone solo, and he has continued to make tattoos popular and follow the trend of celebrities getting tattoos.
Since Justin Timberlake has a background in Christianity, he sports tattoos that are of a spiritual or religious nature. One of the most proudly displayed and prominently displayed tattoos is one of a very large cross which is located on the upper part of his left shoulder. The design of the tattoo is of a realistic nature, with patterns that subtly delineate shadow and light in the ink that draws the eye to it.

The most outlandish and unusual tattoo on his body is a rather large image of a cherubic angel on his back, which stretches from the nape of his neck to his shoulders. In fact it is the largest tattoo on his body and even larger than some of the temporary tattoos that he wore for the role in the film Alpha Dog in 2004.

Justin has an angel tattoo that is shown on a celestial background and has intricately inked, broad and feathery wings. It seems to carry a banner that bears the initials of his mother, and is surrounded by cursive script which reads “Guardian Angel” which is dedicated to his twin sister who died during childbirth.

Justin Timberlake, like many celebrities, is no stranger to celebrating the successful release of his album with tattoos. He has 2 tattoos from his N Sync days. The first is flames which are underscored by a red rope on his wrist. The flames were N Sync’s logo at the time. Justin added in the red rope as a reminder of the resulting celebrity lifestyle and fame that the album brought. The second N Sync tattoo is that of a marionette, which is also wrapped in flames, and wrapped up in the red ropes. N Sync’s “No Strings Attached” album also has the theme of a puppet.

Justin also has an astral band that wraps its way around his calf. The tattoo looks like a chain and is very simple. On its largest link, there is the Aquarius symbol which is his zodiac sign. Last but certainly not least, he has the Chinese character tattoo which symbolizes  “Song” or “Music”.