octopus tattoo
octopus tattoo

It is a very important decision to determine which design of tattoo is right for you when you consider that a tattoo is permanent. You should consider the tattoos symbolic value in order to select the design. One amazing but rather unusual design is that of the octopus tattoo.

Most people consider the octopus to be adaptable, smart, intelligent, and graceful. However, to some people they don’t have any significance.

Conversely, squids are considered to be very mysterious. A squid is somewhat like a chameleon because when they are faced with danger they can disappear by changing colors to match their surroundings. This symbolism is used when people consider getting this very unusual design tattooed on their body. The octopus also has the very unusual attribute of being able to grow back limbs after they are severed and for some people this represents rebirth and a new start.

The tentacles are the most distinguishing features of an octopus tattoo design. They usually provide a mixed message to people because the tentacles represent trapping, grabbing, or pride and most people consider the invertebrate octopus to be a monstrous animal.
When you are selecting a place for your octopus tattoo and selecting the design for it, you need to remember that a tattoo is permanent. The octopus tattoo should represent your goals, your character, and your outlook on life. The placement of the octopus tattoo is a matter of your personal preference as is the design. The octopus can wrap from your shoulder to your arm or around your forearm.

When the tattoo artist uses symbols to design your octopus tattoo, they can make the round head of the octopus look like a globe and the tentacles look like waves that represent the problems of life on earth. Extreme tattoo designs have the octopus with scary fang and large round eyes and still other portray the octopus as an alien.

There are some octopus tattoo designs that look cartoonish and some are overly aggressive. A tattoo artist will usually use the colors of yellow, purple, red, orange, and blue when designing the image of an octopus. Some examples of these designs include an octopus with funny expressions or small tentacles. An octopus tattoo design usually looks better on men rather than women but they actually represent different things to different people and it’s a brave move to have such an unusual design.