Hi, I’m Khalid, founder of OffBeatInk.com. OffBeatInk.com was an idea started in the summer of 2007, when my love for unusual and distinctive art, combined with my interest in tattooing, prompted me to create a web presence that would allow me to share the information and artwork I collected.

An unusual name, “Off Beat” is a term used to describe something that is different, unique or distinctive. I prefer custom artwork and have a pet-hate against common designs that can be found in most tattoo shop books. The second part of the name, “Ink”…well thats self explanatory.

OffBeatInk.com is being built slowly but surely however is quickly becoming a popular site. I’m attempting to add fresh content and designs weekly, if not daily. As well as tattoo articles to enlighten you on tattooing, the process etc, there will be tattoo interviews with artists and shop owners, as well as new tattoo designs added continually.

What sets OffBeatInk.com apart from other tattoo sites is that it is a completely FREE resource. There are no charges for the information or designs provided, there are no “one-off” payments or subscriptions. So, in return for the hard work and money spent, it would be really good if you could spread the word about this site and also, when you have a minute, visit some of our sponsors. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us (see below).

If you want to get in touch about anything, from an advertising enquiry to a site suggestion, please fill out the form below…