pinup-girl-tattoosTattoos of beautiful girls have never gone out of style. A pin up girl is a woman who sexuality and the physical attractiveness that would cause a guy to put her picture on his bedroom wall. A pin up of a model or a dancer is a photo of a famous woman in a tempting pose and wearing skimpy clothing. The designs of pin up girl are frequently based on international or glamorous actresses or models. Tattoos of pin up girls are inspired from paintings, drawings and other types of illustrations that depict the erotic and sensuality of women. There were many pin up photos of actresses in Hollywood who were sex symbols. One of the best examples of the classic pin up girl was Betty Grable.

Some people want tattoo of pin up girls that look like a glamorous actress of model, whole others want it for artistic reasons. Tattoos of pin up girls were very popular in World War 2. Many sailors and soldiers had pin up photos in their lockers. Some of the more famous models and actresses who were pin ups include Jean Harlow, Jane Russell, Marilyn Monroe, Betty Davis, Marie McDonald, Ava Gardner, and Betty Grable.

Designs for tattoos of pin up girls in the 1950’s make an excellent selection for a pin up girl tattoo because there is a great selection of actresses and models to select from. One of the most popular choices for a pin up girl tattoo is where the girl is in high heels while standing straight with head turned and her backside facing forward. This type if tattoo always looks great on the calves and forearms. Many tattoos of the old school pin up girl focuses on legs. One type has the girl’s legs be crossed while she is seated. Another very popular type of old school pin up girl tattoo has the girl with her high heels high up in the air while she is lying down or seated. This type of tattoo looks great on the thigh, upper chest, and upper arm.
Tattoos of pin up girls are still very popular. The classic tattoo of a pin up girl has also been associated with female empowerment and sometimes women choose such a design to express the well known “girl power”. The designs of pin up girl tattoos are actually available in numerous poses and the most popular places to get a pin up girl tattoo on your body is your hands, back, stomach, and waist.