wrist-ankle-tattooTribal tattoos that were worn on the wrist were represented as stamps or seals in some cultures, and were known as symbols of authority and power. Tribal tattoos that were worn on the wrist were usually worn by personnel in authority to identify them as royalty or to demonstrate rank. Tribal wrist stamps or seals were frequently used on ancient royal or legal documents to identify their owner.
Fans of tattoos from all over the world are demonstrating their personal creativity by choosing and modifying these designs to make them personal. New patterns of tribal tattoos that are worn on the wrist are showing up everywhere. Newcomer and veteran artists alike are coming up with designs that are in high demand and are truly original.

Tribal tattoos worn on the wrist were an art form and tradition in ancient times and were usually used as symbols of marriage or commitment between partners. It is not unusual in today’s society for couples to wear matching tribal tattoos on their wrist.

The designs that are utilized to form the tribal tattoos that are worn on the wrist are not unlike those on ankle or armband designs. The usual practice is to encircle the wrist with a tattoo of a single stamp or symbol in the form of a bracelet on the inside of the wrist. The utilization of geometric patterns, butterflies, birds, and animals are some of the favorite symbols that are used to make the designs of a wrist tribal tattoo.
Selecting the perfect tattoo can be somewhat difficult. The selection of a tattoo deserves all of a person’s attention as a tattoo is permanent. The ideal solution to finding the best wrist tribal tattoo is to browse on tattoo websites on the Internet. Many websites have online galleries with tattoo designs by some of today’s top artists. An additional benefit of selecting your tattoo design this way is that there’s nobody around to pressure you into making a bad decision. Beware of websites that offer free designs. You usually get what you pay for.
Ankle Tribal Tattoos

Tribal tattoos that are worn on the ankle are sexy accessories for women all year round. Their petite and simple designs are a perfect substitute for metal and as with most tribal designs, tribal tattoos that were worn on the ankle were normally utilized to designate ranking or social hierarchy within clans and tribes. Ankle tribal tattoos were worn proudly by warriors and hunters alike. Today tribal tattoos that are worn on the ankle are usually worn by women.