Word Tattoos are very popular regardless if they are part of a larger image or all by themselves. Phrases and words can say literally anything including sayings or whole poems in foreign languages and parts of lyrics. Word tattoos never lose their meanings even when the periods change. However, the first step in getting a word tattoo is to find the appropriate quote. Frequently, knowing what to say is the hard part of getting a word tattoo.


Consider carefully the type of font you want to use. The tattoo should be capable of being easy to read and say out loud and for this reason the font and size of the lettering is important. The word tattoo is a form of visual art much loved by the graffiti artist and the addition of colors can make it very spectacular and a real talking point.

There are many reasons why a tattoo font is crucial. Because a word tattoo is only made up of text, the font provides the phrases and words a deeper meaning and character especially if the word tattoo is in an ancient foreign language and it also helps to bring the culture to life.                                 

A tattoo font provides existence to the phrases and words and transforms the phrases and words into art. Conversely, the tattoo fonts that are used should still be legible. People frequently get hung up with the visual impression of their tattoos which renders the phrases and words of the tattoo unreadable. A word tattoo, especially, should be somewhat large, especially if the font that is used is small and intricate. 

In addition, sometimes the text is only a part of the larger image. It may, for example, be encircled on an image or inscribed on a banner. Therefore, the tattoo font that is used should depict the attitude of the image or the tattoo will seem not to be a part of the image. The tattoo font should look like they are part of the image and shouldn’t stand out.  

For example, if the tattoo is innocent or subtle, the font that is used shouldn’t be angry or bold. It should flow in script or cursive. Conversely, if the word tattoo depicts some sort of angry icon such as the grim reaper the font can be somewhat bolder. Therefore, a cursive tattoo font would completely ruin the mood of the tattoo.