britney-spears-small-tattooFor most people a tattoo represents a very personal experience that only they know the real meaning of and Britney is no exception. She has around nine tattoos and the choice of her tattoo designs, such as the fairy and the butterfly, is certainly similar to tattoos that thousands of other women have and are not overly unique. She does seem to have a preference for rather small tattoos.

The most famous tattoo that Britney sports is a tattoo of a fairy, located on her lower back.  The meaning of a fairy is intended to be childlike behavior, many people think that this particular tattoo is meant to represent her desire to hang onto to her youth. Regardless of what she means  it to represent, it is certainly a symbol of youth. Usually, fairies are beautiful creatures that have supernatural powers. A fairy may appear to be lovely, however, they can also have a dark side and falling in love with a fairy can be a deadly affair.

Britney also has a tattoo on her left foot of a butterfly with flowers and a vine and flowers. The butterfly represents fragility and beauty. This is a concept that many women identify with and is a common reason why women choose a tattoo of a butterfly. During one of her most notable breakdowns, Britney got another tattoo. She followed Madonna’s example and had three small characters tattooed in Hebrew on the back of her neck:


Translation of the characters means “God”. This selection of the Kabbalah word seemed irrational at the time, however, she had been studying Kabbalah when she elected to get the tattoo. She had the tattoo removed in 2008.

Britney also has a tattoo that she may regret. She has a set of small pink dice on her left wrist which were intended to be a matching pair to the blue dice that ex husband Kevin Federline had on his right wrist. The dice usually represent chance, luck, and risk. This may be her way of conveying the risk she was taking in the relationship with Federline by displaying the dice publicly.

Britney has a small tattoo of a flower on her lower stomach. The flower is a Chinese symbol for mystery. This may show her desire to keep her private life away from the prying eyes of the public.

Located on her right hand, Britney has another small tattoo of a five point star. This tattoo symbolizes guidance, protection, and balance and is one of the tattoos that she got when she was having her breakdown. Many believe that the reason for the location of this tattoo was so that she could remind herself regularly of the meaning. She also had a small set of pink and red lips tattooed on her wrist which are known as symbols of love. This is another one of Britney’s tattoos that was done during her crisis and is believed to be her way of giving herself love.