kat-von-dIf you’re into tattoos or the tattooed or even tattooing, you should have heard of Kat Von D by now.  She’s the star of LA Ink and runs a very popular tattoo parlor there in Los Angeles.

Starting her love for tattoos at the early age of 16, she is now covered in tattoos that have been done by her, by professionals, and by friends of hers that just wanted to try out tattooing for the first time.

Being as popular as she is, what with her own store and her own show, one has to wonder:  how can they compete with her tattoos in Los Angeles?  There are plenty of places to get tattoo’d in LA but why would you want to go anywhere else than the place where you can get the best tattoo available?  And get it from Kat, of all people?  Some people might even be inclined to fly to LA from the east coast just to get a tattoo from Kat, even if it’s a tiny tattoo.  Although it would probably be worth it to get something large and time consuming, just to be able to sit there and chat with her for awhile and pic her brain on the topic of tattoos, tv shows, and running a tattoo parlor.
Even if you’re not a Kat Von D fan or a fan of the show, it is an interesting thing to watch just to get an idea of how tattooing is done.  Of course you can just go to a tattoo parlor and watch them tattoo someone, if they will let you observe, but it’s probably safer to watch it on TV so you don’t risk contaminating anything in the shop or be tempted to get some spontaneous tattoo that you didn’t plan on getting in the first place.

Sit back and enjoy the show and get a few ideas of your own.  Who knows, maybe you’ll end up as a tattoo artist, if you’re not already, and have your own show.  You won’t likely be doing it in LA and competing with Kat, of course, but there are plenty of other areas around the globe for you to setup shop and start your show.  Maybe you could even go out and speak with Kat and if she likes you, you can start up an LA Ink store somewhere else and keep her name on it!  That would be so great!  So unlikely, but so great!  Just start by watching her show and enjoying it.  Enjoy the show, enjoy Kat, enjoy the art of tattooing being put on the TV for all to see.  Then go out and get yourself a nice tattoo to celebrate.