puzzle-tattooDue to the ever increasing popularity of tattoos, it is getting harder and harder to pick one for yourself that is completely unique.

If you walk into any tattoo parlor you will see samples on the walls, sample books filled with pictures of tattoos, and each artist probably has their own book with drawings and samples for you to choose from.  While most of those pictures and samples are great ideas and great images of detailed fine tattoo art, not all of them can be considered unique.  Afterall if they are showing you those pictures and asking you to choose from one, isn’t there a chance someone else has been in the same place you are and they could have chosen the same picture you are choosing?
So then how do you go about choosing a completely unique tattoo, something that nobody has ever thought of or ever put on their body in the form of a tattoo?  There are a couple of ways to do this.  One way is to have something so hideous and offensive tattooed onto your body that nobody in their right mind would want to have the same thing.  Another, much better way, would be to design it yourself, completely yourself meaning do not take ideas from other tattoos or artwork and tweak them for yourself.  Use something totally new and fresh to you.  If you have trouble doing the design and artwork yourself, go to a decent tattoo artist and speak with them about it in detail.  There is a good chance that they can draw up something you will be happy with and something that will be totally unique to you.  The only problem that might be seen with that is if the artist then puts your tattoo into his design book.  Someone else might come in and see it in their book and decide they want it for themselves.  To avoid this you might ask the artist to leave your image out of there or at least tell the next patron that your particular tattoo is not available.  Make sure to give them a good tip.

Other than those ideas, you can take your chances and get something that might not be necessarily unique to everyone but it would still be unique to you and your reasonings.  There is no sense worrying about someone elses tattoos and if they are the same as yours since they’re not you.  Explain your tattoos or don’t, it is completely up to you.  If you have the same tattoo that someone else does, it doesn’t mean you are the same as that person.  You are still an individual, no matter what tattoo you have or who you might look like.