melanie-chisholmThe tomboyish and beautiful Melanie Chisholm is one of the celebrities who are no stranger to tattoo art. She was formerly known as ‘Sporty Spice” of the teen pop group the Spice Girls, she has grown over the 10 years into a sort of connoisseur of tattoos, the majority of which she got during the turning points of her career in music.

Melanie has approximately 10 tattoos. They are primarily ones that stem from Eastern origins, such as China, Tibet, and Japan, although she does have some body art which is Celtic and some elegant English script as well. Melanie’s largest tattoos are the phoenix, the dragon, and the lotus.
On her lower back is a lotus tattoo. The lotus symbol represents spiritual awakening, beauty, and purity. On the upper part of the lotus flower is a Tibetan symbol which translates into “grounded”. Melanie has a tribal phoenix tattoo on her back, which symbolizes the feminine “yin”, rebirth, and purity. Between Melanie’s shoulder blades, the phoenix awakens from the ashes and is wreathed in beautiful colored flames. The phoenix tattoo symbolizes a new beginning for Melanie, and seems to have inspired her solo CD, Northern Star.

Curling its way around Melanie’s calf on her right leg is a Chinese dragon tattoo which is a symbol for the male powers. Melanie got this tattoo applied to bring some balance and stabilize her life.

Prior to Melanie leaving the Spice Girls, she had a strong inclination towards Celtic tattoos.

Melanie’s first tattoo was a band of Celtic knots that are wrapped around her right bicep. This tattoo was popularized across England as well as the world. The Celtic armband symbolizes her allegiance to the tribe, meaning the Spice Girls. She also has two Japanese symbols on the same arm. The first symbol means “power” and the second symbol means “woman”, which is the Spice Girls’ motto; “Girl power”.

Melanie also has a very prominent Celtic cross on her left arm. This tattoo is frequently used as a symbol of divinity and divine protection. Melanie’s logic for having this cross tattoo is for protection.

She also has the word “Angel” tattooed in very elegant and thin script on the belt line of her tummy. According to her biography, Melanie had this tattoo inked in honor of her relatives who she lost to cancer. Both her step grandmother and grandfather died from the disease and she feels that they are her guardian angels who are looking after her. She had the angel tattoo to symbolize the fact that she is still thinking about them.

Melanie had a little tattoo of a star on applied to her right hand when her album “Northern Star”, which she soloed, received a platinum award for the 2nd time. Melanie also has two tattoos with Tibetan writing on her wrists. The tattoo on her right wrist reads “Happiness” and the tattoo on her left wrist reads “Love”.