davina-mccal-tattoo2Davina McCall was born in 1967 in London. The world was never going to be the same. The wild child product of a messily broken marriage, she suffered anorexia and went a bit off the rails in her twenties, which was to be expected. However, during those days of drug induced hazes, she still managed to sing at the Moulin Rouge in Paris, work as a nightclub hostess in London and date Eric Clapton. Yes. Eric Clapton. Love her yet? In fact it was Clapton who put her on the road to recovery, despite her mother who died years later. Davina’s comment on the matter? “We hadn’t really communicated in the last ten years. She sold stories about me to the Daily Mail, one about us attending a Narcotics Anonymous meeting together, which you just don’t do.”
Today Davina is most well known for presenting Big Brother on Channel Four but she has a good few shows under her belt including several on MTV and was once a popular and successful model booking agent. After a brief marriage to Andrew Legget, she finally spotted Pet Rescue presenter, Matthew Robertson while walking her dog in the park, They were married 18 months later and today have three children together.
It all sounds so conventional, until you hear her talking and realise that this is a woman who is candid, forthright and spank in the middle of the UK media’s eye. A rare creature indeed. When talking about her workout video, she freely admitted it was all to do with conquering her post-babies “jelly belly”.
On her 40th Birthday, she threw a Mutton themed party where she wore “an outfit I used to go clubbing in when I was 18, a bright-pink leotard with a skirt attached”. With every intention of looking “chronically mutton”, she even learned dance routines from the movie high school Musical.
Davina also has some wacky tattoos: horns on her hips, a rose on her wrists, chilli peppers on her shoulder blade and an alien on her bottom. “I love my tattoos… I’m … going to get the chilli peppers on my back covered up, because everybody thinks they’re carrots and that’s not cool”… but she is. Cool, that is.