bald-britney-spears-offbeatinkI’m all for wacky tattoos.  Maybe even a wacky tattoo of a pinup girl or famous actress.  But a tattoo of Britney Spears?  BALD Britney Spears?  At least get a tat of her when she was in her prime. Seriously.

Which brings me to ask, why to people get tattoos that have no real meaning to them?  I saw a show on TV the other day where a kid kept getting tattoos whenever he was high or drunk because he said he liked the rush it gave him.  I don’t think I remember any rush while getting a tattoo other than the rush of sweat beading on my forehead as the terrible artist was tattooing my bone instead of the skin on my back.  What is the point of getting a tattoo of a bat in a random place between a soccer ball (since you don’t play soccer) and a beer mug made of glass that has no beer in it?  I had a guy tell me once, when I asked him what his tattoo meant, “um, doesn’t mean anything, really.  I went with a friend to get his tattoo and I saw this one and I said – hey that’s cool, I’m getting a tat while I wait for you.”  That’s nice.  There’s nothing that says “I LOVE ME!” more than getting a piece of art stuck onto your body for the rest of your life and looking at it every day, thinking “I don’t know why I got that…”
I’m sure some people have good reason but then again, if you have a good reason as to why you got a tattoo with no meaning, wouldn’t that good reason actually become the meaning?  If you asked me why I have a tattoo of Britney Spear’s bald head on my bald butt and I said “it has no meaning other than the fact that I purposely got a tattoo with no meaning, to boycott all those people that have tattoos and say ‘oh wow like, all my tattoos mean something to me!  Sit down and let me tell you a story about every single one of them!!!’”  Sorry to burst my bubble but I just gave you a reason for getting that hideous tat and with that reason comes the meaning.  I think I just owned myself.  I do NOT, however, have a Britney Spears face on my butt.  Honest.

In any case, I suppose it is your body and you may do with it as you please.  If you want a tat that has no meaning, go for it.  If you want ugly art, go for it.  Whatever the reason or non reason, like I said go for it.  I still want another tat or two but I need to save up some change.  Either that or wait for my buddy to get his own tattoo gun and he can practice on me.  I won’t even charge him!  But I will make him put it on with some meaning and purpose and no pop star faces, thank you very much.