untitled4You wouldn’t think it was possible but in fact tooth tattoos are possible. They are not only possible but they are being offered by a dentist in the US as we speak and have been for the last 20 years or so. And they are not as expensive as you would imagine, with the prices ranging from the under hundred to the several hundred dollars. From what we have seen, they are not actually on your natural tooth but on a cap or crown, or even on a milk tooth that you have rescued from the fairy, if you prefer… and yes, they are drilled in then painted in.
People seem to opt for the molars (back teeth to you and me) and even sometimes on the tongue side, rather than the cheek side. It seems like a bit of a waste of money to hide it so well, but there is no accounting for taste these days. Normally this artwork is done on the back teeth, the molars.  Some people prefer having it on the cheek side of the tooth, some on the tongue side.  The hardier among us look upon these tattoos as a ‘white collar’ option because they can only be seen when you want to share, by pulling the cheek (and the tongue, in some cases) out of the way so the ‘tat’ can be seen. Another reason these tattoos are seen as ‘soft’ is just a few minutes under the dentist’s drill and they are a faint memory…
‘I hope they wait until they need a crown, but I bet some people have them done just because they want a piece of artwork on their tooth,’ – Steve Heward
Steve Heward is the dentist offering this service. He is also a tattoo artist and owns a dental lab in Utah that is a specialist in crowns and bridges. He has trained his technicians in artistry then taught them how to construct teeth. They have become renowned for what they call their ”realistic and unique tooth artwork”.