megan-fox-tattooLong ago, when women first decided that it was ok to tattoo their delicate bodies with the same designs and ink that their husbands and boyfriends had, men cringed and whined and balked at the idea of them forever changing and marring their perfect skin.  Or maybe they just didn’t like tattoo artists seeing them half naked, laying on a chair in front of them, sometimes for hours.  “It’s unnatural!  Hideous!  Trampy!”, they whined.

And then along came Megan Fox.  Oh Megan, where have you been hiding?  Hollywood is a big place, yes, but c’mon.  How did she keep out of the spotlight for so long??  With her starring role in the Transformers live action movie, she quickly skyrocketed to the #1 most searched female on Google, IMDB, Facebook, MSN, USA, internet, planet earth, solar system, galaxy, all those places.  And THEN, she showed everyone that she’s full of wicked tattoos.  Not wicked meaning evil and terrible but wicked meaning cool, neat, spiffy, something along those lines.  I’ll admit they are not super duper unique in design, being mostly words and a Marilyn Monroe tat but they are unique in that the wording actually means something to her.  The words on her right shoulder blade, for example, mean something about Hollywood and not taking it too seriously.  I would have guessed she held a grudge with caterpillars and gold, the way she suggests everyone laugh at butterflies.

Some guys call tattoos trashy, others find they add to the sex appeal of the female, and then others say it makes no difference.  I’m of a mind to say, in Megan’s case, it adds to her personality.  She strikes me as the kind of person that is willing to speak her mind (obviously, she spoke her mind all over her skin and shows it to the world.  Sorry, Brian, but it’s true.)  Her tattoos almost come off her body when you see them, jumping out at you and telling you “this is what I think, this is how I feel, I don’t care what you think about me. “  At one point she even mentioned if she was ever turned down for an acting gig because of her tattoos, she would leave Hollywood.  I guess she would move to New York and act from there instead.  That’s probably a better location for shooting Transformers 3 than Hollywood anyway, since there are more buildings to trash.

What I am wondering is if she will continue to get more tats.  And if she does, will she follow the same pattern or style?  Will she get some other text written somewhere on her body, in a place that everyone can see while she’s strutting around in a strapless dress?  Perhaps she will come up with something totally different, maybe something that has to do with her  boyfriend, Brian Austin Green of Beverly Hills 90210 fame?  Whatever the case, I’ll be ok with any new tat she gets because, like I mentioned, it adds to her personality.  I wouldn’t even be surprised if she showed up on the red carpet with a big Decepticon tramp stamp.  I didn’t say I would LIKE it, but I would not be surprised.  Ugh.