untitled1No tattoo aficionado can avoid knowing of Kat Von D. She is LA’s best known female tattoo artist and persona. She has been instrumental in the shift in attitude towards women and tattoos. In fact, I credit her with the huge societal ground shift which has seen professional women choose to have tattoos to adorn their bodies and enhance their sexy charisma, their power and their talents. If I have any criticism it is only that tattoos have now become so popular that the trend buckers among us are going to start soon to choose to go as blank canvasses just to be different…
Why do I say that? Well, Our Kat has done what every other celeb woman has done (or tried to do) – she has launched her very own smell, or smells in this case… Kat Von D has introduced her very own signature fragrances which reflect her view of herself as naughty but nice, I presume….
p245104_heroSinner starts with a light, delicate blend of orange blossom flower, mandarin citrus and luscious ripe plum, creating “a contrast with a provocative, sultry heart”. In there can also be detected a hint of sweet jasmine and earthy cinnamon, an “herb associated with ancient rituals of pleasure”. Beneath that, you also have a “dark, mysterious back of earthy vetiver, patchouli, and woods” leaving a sensual musk lingering on the skin. A mouthful, but actually a rather delicious scent, if rather complex for my personal tastes. I can see, though, that this would work well for an evening perfume.
Kat’s alter ego, then, would be the Saint. This also begins with a citrus and plum overtone but one that is much sweeter and lighter. The depth of the scent is provided by the combination of the exotic Tiare flower and the temptation of caramel. Jasmine, a hint of vanilla and the depth of sandalwood anchor this perfume which also leaves a sweet musk lingering on the skin.