offbeatinkSome of the coolest looking tattoos I have seen are the ones that look real.  I saw one that looked like a nametag placed on a guy’s naked chest and of course, it had his name on it.  It was realistic other than the fact it wasn’t white like a nametag would be, it was skin toned.  Others might be tattooed jewelry with well done shadowing or tattoos that look like robot parts are hidden beneath the skin.  Spiderman’s suit trying to be unveiled in an emergency is neat but totally unrealistic.  Seriously, how would he put his skin back on once he’s done crime fighting?  Random lizards that look like they are standing on an invisible platform don’t look as appealing to me as a lizard that appears to be crawling across someone’s leg or back.  I even saw a spider tattooed on someone shoulder that looked so real it freaked me out!  And I saw it on the web, not even in person!  Totally not cool.  Of course in order to get something realistic you would have to get a very good artist to do the work for you.
Other really cool looking tats, at least in my opinion, are the tribal designs from the Hawaiian Islands or Samoa.  At first glance their designs look to follow a pattern with each side being identical to the other.  If you get up close and look at it, you will see the designs are different.  Each twist and curl and sharp flowing wave-like design can have meaning that tells stories of the tattooed persons ancestors.  They even tattoo their faces, men and women as well, to let other tribal persons know what their status is within their community.

Some lettering type tattoos are ok too, I guess, though some people tend to go overboard with the lettering size and style.  The old English tattoos are pretty worn out.  Maybe someone should use an Arial font or Comic Sans once in awhile.  And how about some full justification?  Would it be too hard to have the letters line up on both sides of the body, not always having it aligned to the left?  Or maybe center a few lines?  Even up the spacing on the tabs?  Ok I’m asking too much.  If I get a word type tattoo, I’ll try something new and different and you guys can let me know how it looks.