It is important to know that if you no longer like a tattoo on your body, there’s ways of removing it. It’s not everyday that people want their tattoos removed but every once in a while there’s such a requirement. In such instances many people may have the tattoo redone but in case they are determined to have it removed, there are always options of laser removal of tattoos. However, like in all things, there are options you can use to do it yourself, but before you get hopeful, know that this is an extreme measure (and a little crazy!) and laser removal is a lot more feasible in all aspects.

DIY Tattoo Removal - Before Procedure

(Alex’s hand before his DIY tattoo removal)

When we’re talking about extreme DIY tattoo removal, we really mean extreme. There’s ways you can get your tattoo removed but honestly it’s no less than barbaric in today’s world with such advanced facilities available.

In tattooing, fine needles are used to insert ink into your skin and it stays lodged in there permanently. When you’re considering tattoo removal, the intention is to remove the colored pigmentation that is deposited on lower layers of the skin.As such, you can only imagine how painful a try at home remedy will be because it quite literally calls for bloodshed.

As an extreme DIY tattoo removal measure you can use - in this case - a mains powered sanding tool to undo what’s done and as such you can only begin to imagine how much blood and skin loss will be involved. It calls for self inflicted derma-abrasion if we may call it that because this is exactly what you’ll be doing. It’s literal self inflicted torture wherein you try to erase the ink from your skin by simply going all the way to that skin layer.

DIY Tattoo Removal

(DIY tattoo removal using a sanding tool)

In the process there’s blood loss and open abrasions that you’re going to have to live with for a while. This painful process will require a lot of precision so you don’t lose more skin than necessary but that could seem an impossible job depending upon wear your tattoo is drawn. This is because it’s not possible to do it yourself at all places.

Most importantly you need to be really strong willed to see the process through. If you’re weak hearted this is not a job for you. Once you have caused the abrasion go deep enough till your tattoo ink, it’s literally the same as peeling the layer off so the ink is dislodged.

DIY Tattoo Removal - After Procedure

(Alex’s hand after his DIY tattoo removal)

Once completed, you’re going to be left with open wounds that are skin deep, and this calls for utmost care and you need to nurse the wounds in a dust free atmosphere so you don’t aggravate the injury and cause an infection.

DIY Tattoo Removal - Procedure Completed

(Alex’s hand a few weeks later)

The care process will take long and you may need special oils and creams to not only heal your deep wound but also rid your body of the scars your extreme DIY tattoo removal will leave behind. Honestly there are not many takers for extreme DIY tattoo removal because, as the name suggests, it certainly is a one of its kind task.