Body art, including body piercing has become immensely popular in the past few years. A body piercing, as the name suggest, is a puncture made on the surface of the skin in order to wear one or multiple ornaments. People across the world get various parts of their body pierced in order to make a fashion statement, uniquely define themselves or for the experience.

body piercing example

(An example showing ear, nose and lip piercings)

The lips, the ears, the tongue, cheeks, belly buttons, eyebrows are amongst those parts that are the most commonly pierced. The most popularly body parts that are pierced for ornamental purposes are the belly button, the ears and the nostrils. When thinking on the lines of getting a body piercing done, various questions including the safety of the procedure arise in an individual’s mind. An appropriate answer to all such related questions could be found with great ease by doing minimal research on the Internet.

Despite the fact that body art and body piercing are fairly common these days, there still are some places across the world that do not permit people under the age of 18 to get a body piercing. This is done keeping the various safety standards in mind. In such places, people under the age of 18 are however allowed to get their body pierced after a written consent from wither or both of the parents.

Before opting for the body piercing procedure, an individual should always make sure that he or she does some research on the procedure as it is of vital importance that the individual realizes the possible health risks that he might face. An individual should realize that the risks attached with the procedure vary depending upon the part of the body being pierced.

For instance, it should be known and understood that piercing of the nose and the buccal cavity (mouth) often lead to certain complications and slight health risks owing to the vast number of present bacteria. It should also be known that piercing of the tongue; lips and cheeks can lead to various gum problems while a tongue piercing may lead to weaker teeth.

extreme body piercing

(Exteme body piercing showing how flexible the skin is)

Various kinds of ornaments are worn in the pierced parts of the body. The nose rings and diamonds are perhaps the best examples of the jewelry. A large number of females and males across the world also have gotten their nipples pierced and then set with suitable ornamentation.

The practice of piercing the body is an ancient art and was then used for religious and spiritual reasons. However, in the modern day and age, a body piercing is done in order to amplify the looks of an individual to the maximum possible extent. The piercing of the body is still considered taboo in some sections of the society but the younger generation can always vouch for its beauty.