janet_jackson_offbeat_inkNo matter how much I try, I cannot think of the rather sexy Ms Jackson’s choice of body art without having a flashback to that rather fortunate (do I mean unfortunate?) TV moment. It appears many of us have a similar affliction so I have taken it upon myself to try to change my mindset so that I am able to think of the lovely lady without her boob popping into my mind.

First of all, I am finding that my sympathy for her loss overrides any sense of cynicism or sarcasm I may have had previously when I refer to Janet. The loss of her brother, whom she obviously adored, must be a heart breaking episode of her life right now. In light of this, and my new found desire to be gentle with her, I have had a proper look at the work she has had done. We all know Janet Jackson to be Michael Jackson’s sister and a sensational dancer and singer but until now, I really did not know that much about her private life. I did not know, for example, that she is a free spirit and has embarked on some pretty eye watering sexual adventures, especially in her early days.

Janet Jackson has tattoos and piercings aplenty. We know for certain that both her ears and nipples are pierced as are her septum, her navel and her tongue. She has decided not to wear pieces in her septum and tongue any more although we are not sure why exactly. We do know that she has one more piercing but Ms Jackson omits to inform us of the exact nature of this one. Many people speculate that it is a clitoral piercing, something which has so far gone entirely unconfirmed.

Janet Jackson has a fair few tattoos as well. Her tattoo artist is one Los Angeles tattooist Ronnie Zulu. His ‘thang’ is spiritual tattoos, apparently. He did her Borneo-style scorpion design on the small of her back and a Japanese kanji depicting balance, continuity and friendship. Two close friends who dance with her professionally have had the same tattoo inked as well.

Janet has an Adinkra symbol on her right wrist. This one is called the Sankofa and translates to “it is not taboo to go back and fetch what you forgot.” This symbol teaches the Akan peoples of West Africa not to be ashamed to learn from mistakes and to rectify errors. The symbol is an abstract image of a bird flying forward while looking backwards while carrying an egg in its mouth. The egg symbolises the future. It can also be represented as a heart formation and this is the version Janet favours.

My favourite one though has to be the tatt of Mickey and Minnie engaging in oral sex while tucked snugly into the crease of Janet Jackson’s right thigh. How surreal is that? Just the thought of it is enough. No more errant boobs for me. It’s Mickey and Minnie all the way!