If you’re keen on making a fashion statement, or simply want to engage in an act that makes you feel special, it’s almost always got to do with pampering yourself. And as they say, hands tell a lot about a person…here’s more ways of telling the world more about you. Instead of the regular manicure session, next time visit a nail tattoo parlour. Yes, this is now a very popular do, and certainly gets your nails noticed wherever you walk in.

Nail Tattoo

(Example Nail Tattoos)

In fact, nail tattoos are getting more popular with each day and is appreciated by those who wear them and those who watch your hands as well. Truth is, you may have always been fascinated by tattoos but probably never managed to prepare yourself to getting one, but here’s an easy opportunity to don a tattoo - one that’s noticed and will surely fill the air around you with pleasant compliments.

In fact, wearing a tattoo is no longer really viewed as a sign of uprising or rebellious behavior. It’s no longer associated with the tough image and has been generally accepted by society over the past few years. Tattoos are now looked upon as body art and are hailed as a sign of expression. So much so, that it’s not so difficult any longer to find a tattoo artist because there’s a whole lot more tattoo parlours opening up.

Amongst all forms of tattooing, nail tattoos are amongst the latest developments in the bodyart industry and are quite certainly a very recent craze with the ever conscious modern generation. Nail tattoos are not just popular amongst young girls who want a spunky new something, but happen to be appreciated by women of all age groups and cultural backgrounds. Nail tattoos are about being unique. It’s a trend that’s likely to be more popular with those who have a slight fashion preference and appreciate the art involved in fashion.

Nail tattoos are not the work of amateurs and there’s a very fine attention to detail aspect involved in this miniature tattoos. Certainly this is one USP that appeals to anyone who is attentive about such things and obviously belong to this class of women. Nail tattoos are not loud, but drawn in there it’s a special feeling and does naturally project a subtle style statement.

The tattoos are popular because there are many women who’d regularly have their hands manicured, so instead of the usual approach, they just turn to a nail tattoo parlour. The costs involved are reasonable and doesn’t really make you think twice before making up your mind.

THe tattoos are created with the use of super fine needles to implant micro-pigmentation. The artist will draw through the first few layers of your nail but not prick your skin. In a matter of minutes you can have very pretty nails with detailed images. The great thing being this offers a little change without being permanent. Once your nail grows the tattoo simple disappears, leaving you with the opportunity of having new nail tattoo in the weeks to come. The procedure is not
painful and is simply a funny feeling.