Tattooing in human beings has been an expression of fashion or culture over years. When it comes to animals, tattooing is obviously the choice of mankind again. Of late, tattooing is being looked upon as a method of identification for pets.

Dog with Tattoo

(Dog with Tattoo)

Quite simply - Just like a tattoo on any of us becomes an identifiable mark and seems to make a direct reference to us when mentioned, the same rule applies to animals. For example, it’s as simple as saying, “That girl with the tattoo” and you will know who the other person is talking about. The purpose of tattooing in animals is the same, except farmers or owners use numbers to make it easier.

Tattooed Goose Foot

(Tattooed Goose Foot with a Unique Number for Identification)

Tattooing animals is considered a unique mark that will help identify a pet if lost or stolen. For instance, if you have a dog you can have his/her paw tattoo. This acts as a unique identification mark. As such, if your lost dog is found by a Good Samaritan and reported to the authorities they will be able to retrace the owners in less than no time because identifying the little dog will not be tough.

A prime example is if your pet is lost or stolen, a visible tattoo will not go unnoticed by those around. As such in the event of a consequent enquiry those who have chanced upon the dog in the last few days will certainly be able to give valuable information, which makes finding the stolen pet a much easier task.

Tattoo on Dog’s Ear

(Tattoo on Dog’s Ear)

Even when it comes to horse racing and animal farms, especially sheep, lambs and other poultry or husbandry animals, they all look so similar; many times they are tattooed as per their batch numbers. In respect of a stud farm, horses are tattooed because if they are from the same breed it’s difficult to tell one from another and as such tattooing them proves as much need identification.

Apart from this necessity of tattooing there’s other forms of animal tattooing that have evoked mixed reactions. In fact tattooing pigs in the name of art is flourishing in China. Now this may seem meaningless in certain instances to see the little “Babe” beautified in mixed colors.

The latest in the field of innovative idea, there’s tattoo artistes who use pigs to showcase their talent and at the same time promote the animal farm art. Now even though the world may not be fully aware of decorated pigs, certainly China takes pride in them and tattoo artists are happily decorating more pigs along the way.

Tattooed Pigs

(A Number of Tattooed Pigs)

Finally, apprentice tattooist have practiced on dead animals, mainly pigs, for years. Aside from being cheap and have a large surface area, the skin is similar to that of a humans thus providing the apprentice with a better canvas to practice on.

Tattoo Apprentice Practicing on Pig

(Tattoo Apprentice Practicing on Pig)

So whether it’s on your dogs paw, or the pigs’ body, tattooing animals is happening all around us. And if you’re a little skeptical about getting your happy dog at home tattooed, remember it’s going to take just a moment and your pet will not feel the pain you’re imagining.

It’s important you go to a specialised dog tattoo parlor if you’re keen on it because they know best how to get your pet marked in just the manner that’s necessary. And if you give it some serious thought, it’s actually going to help you protect and safeguard the interests of your pet to the optimum you can.