A tropical fish supplier, located in Hong Kong, is offering a new service for aquarium enthusiasts. HK Aquaria Mall sells a range of tropical fish that can be dyed with words, patterns or logos of your choice using a special laser.

tattooing fish

The supplier explained that they mark the fish’s scales with low intensity laser beams and no invasive penetration of the skin occurs, making the procedure easy to complete and pain free. “The fishes don’t even bleed” the supplier explains.

Previously, dyed fish were on sale after being injected with acrylic paints using hypodermic needles. The new procedure is much safer according to HK Aquaria.

However, Dr Peter Burgess, fish health consultant, opposed the treatment. “The skin of a fish is living tissue throughout. Any colouring method that damages the skin’s protective surface will render fish prone to potentially life-threatening infections.

First tattooing animals, now fish!