tattoo-removal-mistakeIt has been said time and time again that people are human and we make mistakes.  “To err is human, to forgive divine” or something along those lines.  However, when it comes to forgiving yourself for some mistake you’ve brought upon yourself, is it really that easy?  How can you forgive yourself for a big mistake like dating someone you really shouldn’t have been dating when you have to look at a tattoo of their name on your shoulder every day in the mirror?  It can make it pretty tough to forgive and forget, right?  Well then it’s a good things we have laser tattoo removal services all over the place now!
For the low price of one month’s paycheck you too can go get your old boyfriend or girlfriend’s name semi-removed from wherever you put it years ago.  What once was a thing of passion and a showing of loyalty will now become an expensive and painful reminder of what NOT to do in the future.

There are other ways to have tattoos removed, should you choose against the laser option, since it does sound a little scary to have lasers pointed at your skin and burning the tattoo off little by little.  There’s always a skin graft, which is probably more painful than the lasers, or if you’re lucky enough to have that bad tattoo be something small enough, you can have a cover-up, or new larger and darker tattoo, put overtop of the old tattoo.  Nobody would be the wiser, unless you told them.  Just make sure you get something as a cover-up that you will not regret later.  Otherwise, you might be stuck with the laser or skin graft next time around.

Lately, because of the many people getting tattoos and the other many people having tattoos removed, tattoo artists have started using laser friendly inks.  These are inks that are more easily removed during the laser removal process than the older, more difficult to remove inks.  The older inks not only take more laser treatments to remove but they also do not always remove themselves completely.  The new inks that are “laser removal friendly” can be removed from a person’s skin with just one of the painful expensive laser treatments, leaving no regrets to look upon in the mirror.  This could be the reason more and more people seem to be walking around with tattoos lately, since getting a tattoo no longer has to be a lifelong commitment like it used to be.

This new tattoo ink could also be the reason that, not only are there a lot more people walking around with tattoos but there seem to be a lot more BAD tattoos around as well.  Thinking long and hard about what you want permanently painted into your skin no longer has to be an option.  Quick, impulsive tattoos can be purchased and removed later when the person is no longer happy with them.