Doctors are warning expensive creams claiming to remove tattoos do not work and are a waste of money.

For around £200 ($400), you can buy six month worth of supplies from companies operating online. One of the sistes claims it has a proved success rate with “95% of volunteers reported their tattoo having either completely disappeared or barely visible“.

tattoo removal creams

One user, from Stafford wrote: “After two months of using the cream you could barely see it, and now I’m just finishing the final tube of cream which is my fifth month and it has nearly gone. I am just totally shocked by it. I definitely recommend it.

Tattoo2Go, a cream supplier site operated by Paul Stevens is just one of many companies providing these goods. Paul told Sky News in a recent interview - “We have a really high success rate. Unlike other treatments which can burn you skin ours doesn’t. And we’ll give a full refund after six months if customers aren’t happy with the results.”

But despite the convincing before and after pictures, medical experts say the idea that a simple cream could erase a permanent tattoo is nonsense.

Dr Patrick Bowler is a surgeon and a director of Court House Clinics. He explained that the idea is “too good to be true” and “there is no scientific evidence these creams actually work.”

The real flaw in the idea behind these creams is that ink pigments are injected by a tattoo gun right under the skin, therefore its removal is virtually impossible from simply using a cream, without it burning right through!

In today’s society, tattoos are increasing popular and many see the art as a form of fashion. But fashion is fickle and in time people want to change. It isn’t that easy with tattoos and so any quick and easy treatment that you can buy over the internet would be an instant win with the influential youth of today.

The most common method of removal is laser treatment. It is a long and sometimes painful experience, and can cost hundreds or even thousands of pounds. Different lasers are used for each different colour, and complete removal is not always possible.