tattoo-regretWhat makes a gorgeous tattoo? What makes your tattoo selection the right one for you? What makes you certain that you will never regret the designs you pick? Well, it obviously depends on your personality and what you find gorgeous or wonderful. The guy who got the tat above loves it as much today as when he had it done years ago. I wouldn’t even have it temporarily tattooed on my belly, that’s for sure. So rather than talk about him, let me talk about me.

We’ve all heard the preachy “Don’t get a tattoo unless you really want one” line, so I won’t go there. I figure if you have decided you want a particular tattoo, then that’s fine by me. I know you’ve done the homework on safety and longevity. There are, however, some things to think about before I have my next tat. These are things I consider every time I am thinking of having a tattoo done. It is like a conversation I have with myself… OK, so I’m odd, but it works for me.

First off is who am I going to let near me with a tat needle? For one thing, cheap tends to be nasty so find the best tattoo artist you can possible afford and save for the privilege. Second point is that when you are in there, you want to be sure any needle coming at you came out of a sealed package or an autoclave. If you don’t know what an autoclave is, you’d better find out and quick. It may save your hide (literally). OK, so that deals with the mechanics of having a tattoo.

We all know that tattoos are more or less permanent, right? So before you let anyone put anything on you, you want to be as certain as you can that you are not suddenly going to wake up one day and groan “OMG, what was I thinking??!!” Imagine that guy up there deciding to become the pope. It’s really not a good look for a pope, no matter how side-splittingly funny a tattoo it is. You with me?

Having said that, I am not saying you should or should not have that tattoo. After all, who wants to look back when they’re older and wish what could have been? Do you want to think about that dream you never quite followed through on because fear or regret held you back? See, people are afraid to get tattoos because they’re afraid of regret.

So, know thyself, as they say. Make that tattoo a special one and locate it with thought. If you feel you may one day want to be a more conservative person than you are today, then put it where the sun don’t shine (somewhere you can cover it with clothes, I mean!). Make your tattoo a timeless one. A design or image that you will always love to look at.