There’s no doubt that in the world of tattooing, getting dragons as a permanent part of your body is becoming a huge trend. Dragon tattoos represent many different things and can be done in art, color, as fire-breathing dragons, water dragons, or dragons that represent some sort of emotion, such as anger or sadness. There are even different dragons for different regions of the earth so when you consider just how many different things dragon tattoos can represent, it’s not hard to quickly see why these creature tattoos are becoming so popular.

Dragons from the western region tend to be very tall and powerful looking. They will often have enormous claws for hands and will generally be up on two legs, to make them look more frightening and powerful. These dragons are also usually depicted as breathing fire or smoke and can have fur or feathers although they generally have scales.

They are also usually drawn as being very dark, although they also always have a slight shimmer about them. They are also often drawn with a forked tongue. This type of dragon tattoo would represent someone is very fierce and strong and can defeat any of their opponents. A tattoo of this type of dragon is generally very popular with men.

Dragons from the eastern region are generally regarded as teachers and nurturers. They are symbols of high fertility and good luck and hold water, which is essential for life. They become visible or non-invisible at will and are often seen with another creature’s body part, such as the head of a horse or camel, an eagle’s claws, or fish scales.

They are as fiercely loyal as they are protective and usually wear a golden pearl around their neck, which is the source of all their powers. Because of the gentle and nurturing character of these dragons, they are generally preferred by woman when worn as a tattoo.