Gone are the days where wearing a tattoo is considered common, or white trash, or ‘other side of the tracks’ stigma. Today, more and more people are wearing tattoos, and more women are getting them than ever before. Are you a chick considering a tattoo but not quite sure where to start? The two most often asked questions when someone is considering at a tattoo are, what will you get, and where will you put it? The ‘where’ is an endless array of options, as is the ‘what’. There does seem to be some trend however in what women are getting when they go to the ink…

The most appealing to today’s inked woman are pretty, girly, and ethereal designs. Of this motif you will see dragonflies, butterflies, fairies, flowers, hearts, and things of that nature. These are feminine tattoos because they unconsciously symbolize very feminine qualities such as love, warmth, spirituality, and freedom.

The less feminine category are tattoos that women get in terms of symbolism. Yes, women are more prone than men to get a tattoo of something symbolic. Take Angelina Jolie’s tattoos of her children’s birth co-ordinates as an example. You may see some symbol on women that represents a significant moment, a quote they consider their life quote, a song title for their wedding song or music of meaning, this of this nature. Women frequently get these kinds of tattoos, and although not very girly or feminine, are more known to the female tattoo getter than the male.

The last type of tattoo common to women are those that are designs of complexity and intricacy. These designs are often things like Celtic or tribal tattoos, and are beautiful in nature. Women look strong yet feminine when wearing a Celtic or tribal tattoo, whether those symbols mean anything to the wearer or not.

Overall, these are the most common types of tattoos that women get, but women are not limited to these confines. What you get as your tattoo is only limited by your imagination and creativity, whether you are male, or female.