taking-care-of-your-tattooTattoos are a perfect way to literally make a mark on your body that reflects your personality. It’s a way of being individual and unique and can take years to come up with your favourite design! But although tattoos are fun, arty, beautiful and creative there are also some safety precautions needed to be taken for a period of time after your tattoo has been applied, to ensure your safety until the tattoo has healed. Temporary tattoos are easy to have removed whereas permanent tattoos need plenty of maintenance and care. You have to take major care that they do not get infected. Most popular tattoos involve full sleeve tattoos, back tattoos, upper arm or shoulder tattoos.
Some tips to look after your tattoo

•    The permanently tattooed are must stay bandaged for two weeks. This prevents any air born bacteria getting into the wound and using your blood as a breeding ground.
•    Apply mild ointment to the area to help speed the healing process and to also soothe the area. If any fluid does ooze out do not clean with your bare hands, also dap dry instead of brushing as this can prevent abrasion
•    Avoid taking an excessively hot bath for three weeks especially with upper arm tattoos. Also avoid swimming for three weeks and never keep soap on the tattooed area. Instead use lotions to cleanse and soothe the area
•    Whilst the tattoo is healing you are likely to get peeling on the area. Never remove this manually, instead get a warm compress over the area and it will heal itself. You should also use lotions, anything petroleum based will prevent peeling and scabbing
•    Also when the tattoo is healing, the area will feel itchy as the skin is drying, try not to scratch the area as you are at high risk of infection instead apply a warm compress again and the dry skin will come off naturally.
•    Avoid exposing your tattoo to direct sunlight. Sun exposure can lighten away the design and leave patches behind. It will reduce the glamour, if you want a vibrant tattoo always use sunscreen with minimum SPF30
I hope all these tips helped you with your tattoo and gave you an idea of how to look after it properly. If you follow all these tips carefully and precisely your tattoo will heal perfectly!