Melanie Chisholm aka “Sporty Spice” is reportedly planning a £10,000 course of laser treatment when the Spice Girls‘ reunion tour comes to an end. The star wants to begin the lengthy, costly and painful process to have her numerous tattoos removed from her body.

Sporty Spice Melanie Chisholm

Mel is said to accept that it might take up to two and a half years to remove her 10 pieces of body art but is willing to invest the time to make sure it is done properly and minimise scarring.

A source stated “Mel is determined to have her tattoos removed as soon as the tour is over because they remind her of all her unhappy times. Having to parade around the stage every night in tiny costumes has encouraged her to make the decision. It’s going to be a massive job and very painful but she thinks it’s worth it.

Mel’s ink includes a bold cross on her left arm, a phoenix across her shoulders, the word “Angel” on her stomach”, Thai writing on her wrists and a dragon on her right calf. She expressed her change of heart about them for the first time last year, saying she thought they were a “ridiculous thing” to have had done.