Back in December 2007 we showcased a cowgirl tattoo with 3d breasts created using silicone implants. Lane Jensen, the owner of the unique piece of bodyart, quickly realised this wasn’t the best idea.

Cowgirl 3D Tattoo with Silicone Implants

After two weeks, the Edmonton tattoo artist’s body rejected the implants and by Christmas Eve, the sutures split and a litre of lymphatic fluid drained from Jensen’s leg. “My body just rejected it. I guess my girl wasn’t meant to have 3D breasts,” he said.

Jensen froze his leg and used his own surgical supplies to stitch his leg closed again, but the wound later burst open a second time.

There was so much fluid in there. I went back to the studio and pushed on it gently - the implant shot right out. The surgery was done in ideal conditions and Decker did a perfect job. It just goes to show you some people’s bodies won’t tolerate foreign objects.

Doctors prescribed him antibiotics and advised him to leave it open. Until it stops oozing Jensen will continue washing it several times per day and repacking it with fresh gauze.

“The skin sucked right back and she has no problems. Some people never do. In the end, if your body doesn’t want something in it, you’ll know” said Jensen, 30, co-owner of Dragon FX tattoo and body piercing shop at Kingsway Garden Mall. He has over 20 tattoos and got the sultry woman inked on his left leg three years ago.