One of the most common tattoo designs today for both men and women is to get a tattoo design in the sign of the zodiac. You may want to get one of your own zodiac sign, or of someone you love, or a sign in memory of someone. Either way, just because you are getting a zodiac tattoo, it doesn’t mean you have to compromise your creativity.

Once you have decided on the sign that you want, think about who that sign represents for you, and who that person is. Think about the style of the zodiac sign that you want, and how you want the design and the style to work on your body. Once you have settled on the basic design that you want, start thinking about ways to make the zodiac sign unique and something that wouldn’t be replicated anywhere else. This is how your standard zodiac symbol will truly stand out on its own.

Zodiac signs represent significant qualities about individuals, and it is not just about the symbol itself, but about the person it represents. If for example you are going to get a Capricorn sign to represent your mother’s zodiac sign, consider adding elements of your mother’s personality to your tattoo design to ensure that tattoo is really about her, and not simply about the Capricorn sign. If for example you remember vacations at the beach with your mom, you may want to incorporate some beach or water elements into your tattoo design of the Capricorn symbol.

There are many ways to go about selecting your Zodiac tattoo design. Some zodiac artists are very minimalist and use simple symbols with very little artwork. Some may be very colorful and artistic and are pieces of art in themselves. When you have decided what theme and character qualities you want represented in your Zodiac tattoo, begin looking for an artist that will complement those needs. If you want something with flair and color, you will want an artist who embodies that. Likewise, if you want something sleek, contemporary and minimalists with your zodiac tattoo, this is the kind of artist you need to look for.

As with any tattoo design, you need to do your research both on the design and on the artist before you make the final ink. The zodiac tattoo does not have to be a standard tattoo, this is your chance to really create a unique design and make it entirely your own.