If you are considering getting a tattoo, the first two questions you will have on the subject are what to get and where to put it. Today, many women are choosing to go with wrist tattoos as this is a very feminine place to put tattoos, and is a trend inspired by Hollywood. Victoria Beckham has set the pace for this trend by having her own fashion label tattooed on her wrist. Why choose a wrist tattoo? By putting a tattoo here you are showing your vulnerability with your ‘wrists up’ in order to expose your tattoo. Thus, when it comes to choosing wrist tattoos, you will choose a more personal design that is specific to the message you are trying to get across.
Finding a quality tattoo that speaks to who you are may not be all that easy. There are many designs out there on the net and offline for you to choose from. Before you look at the many tattoo galleries out there, you want to consider the what and the why for your tattoo. Once you have an idea of the meaning that you are looking for, you can then start looking for a design.

Statistics show that over 95% of the folks looking for good tattoo artwork will come up dry, or with simple generic artwork. You don’t want something generic on your wrist unless you are looking for fonts or scrolls or something in quotes. Use a search engine to plug in the keywords of your design to see what you come up with. This will be a good starting place, and trust your instinct here. You will either really like or not really like what you come up with. Follow that instinct.

You will also gain a lot from popping into forums. Yes tattoo forums can be a little time consuming when you are looking for designs, but here you will meet quality people with authentic experiences that will give you real life input into your design. You may even meet the artist you want to use!

When you are looking for wrist tattoo designs, don’t settle. This is one of the most vulnerable areas to get it, and your research will pay off.