If the world hails David Beckham as simply one of the greatest football players we’ve witnessed in our times, they should stop, as there’s much more to him. More than just being a sportsperson, David Beckham has gone on to sport many tattoos, each symbolizing reasons and meanings of his life. Best of all, he’s amongst the greatest celebrities who sports his tattoos with as much élan, as he does with his haircuts, clothing lines and other endorsements.

David Beckham

(David Beckham)

Firslty, to symbolise his love for his wife, Victoria, he has her name written in Hindi. Theres’ many who have criticized it, saying it’s been wrongly spelled as “Vhictoria” rather than “Victoria,”, however little do they know that pronunciations vary with languages.

David Beckham Victoria Tattoo

(David Beckham Victoria Tattoo)

Secondly, Beckham’s tattoo in Hebrew reads “I am my beloveds, and my beloved is mine, that shepherds among the lilies.” - See picture above.

Thirdly, Beckham sports a 2ft-long tattoo drawn over his entire right arm. This tattoo goes onto join a clouds and cherub design over his shoulders. There’s’ numerous tattoos drawn in this region all the way to his wrist and this gives the impression of a continuous tattoo. The tattoo has been drawn by Manchester based tattoo artist Louis Malloy, completed on Sunday 11th March and Tuesday 13th March, the day David said goodbye to his Manchester United fans. The tattoo took two sittings to be completed.

David Beckham Arm Sleeve Tattoo

(David Beckham Right Arm Sleeve Tattoo)

Speaking of Manchester United, there’s 2 ‘figurative’ pieces that echo his feelings about leaving the football club. The former English captain has the words ‘Pray For Me‘ drawn on the inside of his right wrist. The other symbolic tattoo is a Knight Templar, symbolized by a cross. This is a close resemblance to him and the England team as the Templar Knights is identifiable by their white mantle with distinct red cross.

The chief tattoo on Beckham’s forearm is a giant angel sentinel who holds a flame in her hand which lights up her face from below. The wings spread around Beckham’s arm and join together with the other tattoos.

The other notable tattoo on his arm is a quote by the Roman Emperor Tiberius and has been used by Caligula reads “Lets them hate (me) as long as they fear (me).” Though Beckham wanted it written in Latin, it’s been drawn in English. The reason being when translated the tattoo would have the word ‘dum’ and this could be a possible butt of mean jokes from the ever foolish critics.

It is difficult to spot this tattoo as its well merged with the existing tattoos. The words ‘Perfectio In Spiritu’ meaning spiritual perfection are also drawn as well as the roman numerals VII that refer to Beckham’s No7 shirt.

His left hand has the words “Ut Amem et Foveam,” which mean “So that I love and cherish“. The huge angel in the shape of a cross on his back has his three sons’ names Romeo, Brooklyn and Cruz.

David Beckham’s Back Tattoos

(David Beckham’s Back Tattoos)

Not all of Beckham’s Tattoos have been a huge hit with the tabloids though. Remember, a tattoo is for life…

David Beckham’s Neck Tattoo

(David Beckham’s Neck Tattoo)

Here’s a timeline of David Beckham’s Tattoos:

• April 1999: Son Brooklyn’s name on his back.
• April 1999:- An angel on his back.
• 2000: “Victoria” written in Hindi design on his left arm.
• April 2002: Roman numeral VII on right forearm
• May 2003: Latin phrase “Perfectio In Spirituon his right arm
• May 2003: Latin phrase “Ut Amem Et Foveam” on his left arm.
• 2003: Romeo’s name on his back.
• 2003: Classical art design on his right shoulder.
• 2004: Winged cross on his neck.
• 2004: Angel with dictum “In The Face of Adversity” on right arm.
• Mar 2005: Cruz’s name on his back.
• June 2006: Second angel and clouds added to right arm and shoulder.