Those of you in the Boston area this weekend will definitely have to check out the Boston Tattoo Convention and get some access to some of the most serious artists in the biz. Yep, if you are looking for some high quality ink, and want a leader in the field to do it, you will have to get into this convention, and start booking fast. They are booking up quickly. However, if you miss out on a chance to get to Boston, or get into your fave guy, many of them will still be more than happy to dish about the needs to knows on getting inked. Today we are hearing from Dan Henk, a well known tattoo artist offering his thoughts and favorite experiences to you on essential ink info.
Dan started off his love for the ink through a love for art. He has attended art school and started tattooing when he came out of art college and was trying to get a job doing what he loved, art. His favorite style of tattooing as you see here is anything that is ‘horror based’ that he has drawn himself. The strangest tattoo that he has done?

I’ve done quite a few strange tattoos. I did a Coor’s Light can stomping through downtown like Godzilla, with pedestrians fleeing. I did two realistic cat eyes on a girl’s lower back, and the words “Lucky You.” I tattooed “USDA Grade A Beef” on a girl’s ass. I tattooed a chrome heart with the word’s “Momma’s Boy” on a guy’s ass. And really way too many more. There are a lot of strange people out there!

And what I loved most about this interview, is the very practical advice Dan offers to anyone considering a tattoo. What is the most important thing you need to know?

It’s permanent. If done right, it can be art on the body. You need to have a good rapport with an artist. His design should not only look good on paper, but also flow well with the body. Never price shop. If it costs too much, go somewhere else, but don’t just look for the lowest price, or you’ll probably end up with the lowest quality. Above all, remember it’s for you, not everyone else. Get what you want. Don’t fold to peer pressure.

And finally, if you have a specific design in mind, he says he gets the same question over and over again. Take note of this when you are going for your ink…

It’s not a straight forward question, but some people seem to think that any design done on a sticker, in a book, wherever, can be done as a tattoo. There are rules and guidelines, and a good tattoo artist will not do a tattoo that he is not comfortable with. Some people buy artwork, paintings shrunk down to decorate stickers for example, and they come in to a shop wanting the same image at that reduced size. It won’t work, and it won’t hold up in the skin. Listen to your artist. A good tattoo is a collaboration, so the client should have input, but the artist knows the restrictions of the trade.

To hear more about what Dan Henk has to say about inking, check him out at the Boston Tatoo Convention!