In this day and age, tattoos of all varieties and for any location on the body are becoming more and more popular. In fact, the more creative that tattoo in both design and location, the more appealing it seems to be. For this reason, many people are choosing to get a tattoo on their hand. The most appealing reason for this is that it is always visible, and makes a very obvious and public statement about that individual.

With this visibility however, comes a price. Many employers will not hire employees that have tattoos of obvious visibility. Before you consider getting a hand tattoo, consider what kind of occupation you work in, and how this may affect your work or school life. Sometimes the size of the tattoo is all that matters. An obscure but present tattoo located discreetly on your hand won’t make a difference at all. And sometimes it will, use your best judgment.

When you are about to get a hand tattoo, there are other issues you need to consider, such as the process itself. Many tattoo artists find it harder to create hand tattoos, due to the fact that the hand has a myriad of uneven surfaces. Hand tattoos are also more difficult to maintain, particularly while the tattoo is still healing. If you get a hand tattoo, avoid submerging your hands in water during the healing process and use gloves when performing activities that require your hands.

Hand tattoos also will need regular touchup in a similar manner that a haircut will if you want it to stay looking fresh as the day you got it. For many hand tattoos, it simply depends on where you get the tattoo. The areas of your hands that are used the most will need the most touch ups. For example, if you get a tattoo on your palm, you will likely need more touchups than one on the top of your hand.

Depending on how much fat you have on your hands, the process can be rather painful as well. Some have described the hand or foot tattoo as the most painful kind, this is due to less fleshy areas on the hands or feet, and nerve endings that are closer to the surface of your skin than in other areas of your body. If you do not have a high threshold for pain, you may want to reconsider the hand tattoo.

Getting a hand tattoo can be sexy, and a unique statement about who you are. Before you do however, consider these factors to make certain that a hand tattoo is something you are willing to put the effort into.