If you are a Blackberry user, or just want one *really bad* then you know how addictive the Blackberry trend has become. The trend has become so big in fact, that an entire forum for Blackberry users has been created that showcases this addiction. The forum is called ‘Crackberry’. And the folks at know full well that when new product launches from the Blackberry line come up, that current Blackberry users will do just about *anything* for a new, or a free Blackberry. Or….for one that is the cream of the crop.

In this case we are talking about the product called the Blackberry Storm. The Blackberry Storm sputters in the face of the iPhone and offers all of the business capabilities of the Blackberry, with the key selling feature of the iPhone, the touchscreen dialing. And Blackberry users have been chomping at the bits waiting for the release, and to find out how they can get an upgrade, free or otherwise.

Crackberry capitalized on this and wanted to see how far Blackberry users would go to get a FREE Blackberry Storm. They ran a contest called ‘What Would You Do For A Blackberry Storm’ to see how extreme users would go to win one of these 10 touch screen handsets.

The first winner has been chosen, and he really set the bar about going the long haul. T.J. went over the top and had a full-sized Storm tattooed on his calf, along with the Crackberry logo, and the catch phrase ‘iPhone sucks’. And to make matters even weirder, his artist? An iPhone user. Now THAT is a professional artist.

I have a few questions about this….

Why would T.J. spend a fortune on THIS tattoo, instead of just buying a Storm? Wonder how long it will take before buyer’s remorse sets in? Probably until the next product launch….