We have all heard about it and uh, as we can see, we’ve all seen it as well. The tattoo regret, buyer’s remorse, call it what you will. One of the biggest reasons people shy away from getting a tattoo is the factor of regret. We just don’t want to look at it one day and moan ‘What have I DONE?’ How do you overcome this? Three easy tips. And follow them.
1. Look into the future. No, not with your crystal ball, but look ahead. Don’t get your boyfriends name tattooed unless he has put a ring on your finger. That’s right. We know you love him, and want to commemorate this, but don’t do it. Just don’t. Look at your finger now, is there a ring? Okay then. Just ask Jennifer Aniston about this.

2. Get a good artist. This can be tricky, but if you are going to have something on your body for the rest of your life, why would you pick a design off the Internet that took you ten minutes to find? Ask friends that have had good tattoos, and scout for a good artist. Check their credentials, check their business record, and follow your instinct. The difference between a good artist and a bad one is you guessed it, a good or a bad tattoo. Your ink will be high quality with a good artis, and it will last much longer, and look good many more years down the road. Low quality jobs will look like it, and deteriorate much sooner than you want them to.

3. Use a tattoo gallery for designs. Online tattoo galleries are great ways to see what is out there, and they are easy to replicate for artists. Spend the time, and the money researching many tattoo galleries. The good ones will be updated frequently and you won’t miss anything new. You will also find that the top artists will post their work on the best tattoo galleries.

The bottom line? Do your research, take your time, this is for life.