ART is not just a painted canvas picture, ask anybody that has gotten a tattoo. To the committed and brave, the human body is the canvas, and tattoos form the picture. Art takes on many forms in our contemporary days, however the art of the tattoo, and the tattoo design seems to have exploded in popularity in our culture. At the Inskpot Tattoo Parlor last week, tattoos were more popular than they ever have been.
Last week, up to 50 people lined up outside Ballarat studio The Inkspot Tattoo in Humffray St to book their place in the chair of tattooist and artist David Andrews. It is the only opportunity customers have to book their time in the chair. Within six hours of opening his doors every available session for 2009 was taken.

Mr Andrews said booking lines began a few years ago. “It was never intended to be the way it is,” he said.

“The kids used to get me a diary for Christmas and it’s been the last couple of years it has happened. No one gets a little tattoo anymore, it’s a major piece (of art) and they want to get it.”

Among the waiting crowd was David Grima who travelled from Melbourne to secure his spot on the footpath 10.30pm Sunday night. Mr Grima booked more than 60 hours of work to finish tattoos on his back and arms. Not even Mr Andrews daughter Jessica received special treatment, also forced to stand in line all night.

Ah yes, it seems people will go to great lengths to ensure quality art is emblazoned on their skin. And when you are a highly sought after tattoo artist, you’re sitting kind of pretty at this point. How long will YOU stand in line to book a tattoo session with someone equally talented?